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The “Solaris Soft Lab” offers design, development andtesting services. We are the software engineersof wide range business products. Our main goal is to develop cross platform solutions to be able them to use any kind of distributed operation system. In our development we prefer to use only advanced technologies. In our team we have skilled professionals with the following expertise: - Oracle Database - Oracle DDL, Oracle SQL, Oracle PL/SQL server side business logic - Oracle performance tuning and optimization - Java EE, Java Web-services (Spring, Hibernate) - Java Script - C++ - Qt - QML Our development is focused on: - Business systems: CRM, ERP, ECM - Retailand e-commerce - AccessControlSystems - Cloud Solutions The key factor of a quick and qualified development in the company is our own created “H2” platform, that allows to construct the applications with help of building blocks which in turn excludes routine programming. Visual Forms editor and build-in declarative programming language makes our solution more flexible and easy to maintain (to modify).The applications which were created on H2 platform basis, can be lunched in operation system as nativeapplication and also through the web-browser.



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