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Hello! We're MMC — an integrated marketing and communications agency, composed of MMC and RXMOSAIC. But we are so much more than that. For 40 years, we've shattered sales records and glass ceilings; launched breakthroughs and broken barriers. We've fully taken flight since our launch as the first and only agency focused on marketing to women, and we continue rewriting the rules of communications for all audiences by being Artfully Disruptive. Our three practice areas — Consumer, Healthcare, & Corporate — are centered around a world-class creative offering that rivals the most celebrated of ad agencies. We wield our creativity with purpose: marrying it with unparalleled audience insights to ignite conversations for companies and brands. Digitally driven, we don't just stay ahead of the next curve in communications. We define it. That's why our client roster includes some of the world's biggest names, plus a cornucopia of determined challengers ready to take on the world.



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