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Jackson Cross Partners offers Applied Knowledge in Real Estate by combining people, process and technology to transform commercial real estate portfolios into strategic business assets. Through our team of highly skilled professionals, a process-driven approach, and the artful application of technology, we bridge the gap between your real estate objectives and strategic business goals by helping you make smart real estate decisions. We bring ideas to the table. Smart People Our talented team of experienced brokers, attorneys, paralegals, accountants, and property administrators possess a unique combination of cross functional skills and experience to help you align your real estate assets with your broader corporate objectives. Process-Driven Approach We enhance internal expertise by functioning as an extension of your management team, working in tandem with your executives to consider everything – from operational efficiencies, to real estate's impact on financial statements, risk mitigation, strategic decision making, and more. Innovative Technologies Whether you're dealing with a diverse leased portfolio or a special purpose owned asset, we provide key resources for improved control of your real estate expenses, while increasing efficiency of real estate data management.



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