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We're a team of researchers, designers, engineers, architects, innovators and change makers. For over ten years we have worked with some of Australia's biggest brands, delivering innovative experiences on both mobile and the latest in emerging technology. We combine Design, Technology and Talent to drive business growth. We specialise in: ✅ Experience Design ✅ Mobile Apps ✅ Cloud Engineering ✅ Web Development ✅ Enterprise Apps ✅ Smart TV With offices in both Sydney and Melbourne, Bilue is driven by its mission to 'mobilise millions of people'. We strive for technical excellence, but we thrive on human connection. We support one another to challenge ourselves and our clients in the pursuit of continuous improvement. We're welcoming, fun and we value the experience and knowledge of our mates. To thank our employees for the value they bring to our business, we offer a wide range of benefits including workplace flexibility, a generous annual training budget, additional leave for training and development, a new laptop every 3 years, and our personal favourite - you can take your birthday off! Yep, fully paid. The fact we partner with clients from a vast array of industries also means our team gets the opportunity to work on a range of technologies to expand their knowledge. We aim to rotate projects every six months to further increase opportunities for new experiences, learnings and relationships. To find out more, check out our website or get in touch!



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