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Create amazing collections of the best things in your world, and everything you want to try!

Save_image is the hub for truly remarkable content allowing you to personally refer your favourite things and collections to your social network!

How it works

  • Explore_crayonmarker Explore_image1
    1 Discover the latest, hottest, and all-time best things in your city.
  • Explore_image2
    2 Choose across a wide range of categories.
  • Explore_image3
    3 Change your location to explore around the world.
  • Refer_crayonmarker Refer_image1
    1 Refer something great.
  • Refer_image2
    2 Enter the name of your referral to check if its been referred before. If it's new to, add it first.
  • Refer_image3
    3 Refer it to people you know. It will also appear on relevant newsfeeds.
  • Ask_crayonmarker Ask_image1
    1 Ask for referrals.
  • Ask_image2
    2 Add your question, optional location and optional expiry time.
  • Ask_image3
    3 Choose which people to ask. Your question will also appear on relevant newsfeeds.
  • Collect_image1
    1 Save your best referrals into customisable collections.
  • Collect_image2
    2 Build and curate searchable, sharable collections mixed with products, people, places, anything you want.
  • Share_image1 lets you share what you discover, and what you love across different social networks including Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Google+.
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