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University partners of Refer Me provide their students access to a network of 500+ companies, instant resume feedback, interview prep material, and coaching from real industry professionals.


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We partner with employees from hundreds of companies that want to refer your talent to their company's student and new grad programs.

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In your work experience section, emphasize your front-end development skills and experience, as the job description is for a Software Engineer Front End position. For example, mention specific front-end technologies you used in each role.



Under your latest internship experience, provide more details about the web applications you built end to end, and mention any scalability issues you solved in the process.

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Your resume should have a brief overview at the beginning, which should be a couple of sentences long. This should include a summary of your relevant experience and abilities.

Resume Reviews

Provide instant feedback for your students resumes

Our resume tools provide feedback on your student's resumes in seconds. Give our resume tool any job description, and it will provide feedback on improving your student's resume to better match the job requirements and impress recruiters.

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New jobs added every day

Your students get access to jobs from every company we support right when they are posted. Instead of scouring job boards and company websites, your students can find all the jobs they need in one place.

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Microsoft: Software engineer intern

InternSoftware engineer
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Full timeAnalystConsulting
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Tiktok: Social media marketer

Full timeMarketingSocial media

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Professional services

Real advice and feedback from industry professionals

Our university partners can choose to provide a set of professional services to their students every month. This includes career mentorship, resume review, or live mock interviews.


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We believe in simple and fair pricing. We charge a flat fee per student per month. No hidden fees or extra costs.

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Everything students need to progress their career search.


Weekly referral requests


ATS optimized resume builder

Instant resume feedback

Job board access

Priority referral requests

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Everything in basic including but with unlimited referrals and more.


Weekly referral requests


ATS optimized resume builder

Instant resume feedback

Job board access

Priority referral requests

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Partnering with Refer Me can be vital to your student's career success. We provide a platform for your students to request referrals, practice interviews, find jobs, and improve their resumes, all critical components to landing their dream job.

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