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In your work experience section, emphasize your front-end development skills and experience, as the job description is for a Senior Software Engineer Front End position. For example, mention specific front-end technologies you used in each role.



Under your work experience at Amazon, provide more details about the web applications you built end to end, and mention any scalability issues you solved in the process.

Header content


Your resume header contains a lot of the necessary information. To further improve your resume, we recommend adding your personal website if you have one.

Footer content


Consider reordering your skills section to prioritize front-end technologies, such as React.js, Redux.js, HTML, and CSS, to better align with the job description.



Your resume is missing metrics around the projects you worked on at your previous jobs. We recommend adding metrics to show the impact you had at your previous jobs.

Resume length


Your resume is a great length. Keep up the good work! We recommend keeping your resume under 2 pages.

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