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We'll send you the best candidates each week, cutting your recruiting time and cost by 50%.

Want to reach your recruiting goals? Contact us today.

Want to reach your recruiting goals?

Reach out to us today.

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5+ YOE


  • Demonstrates strong experience in data structures and algorithms.
  • Has had top business impact in previous projects.



We’ll help you find the best talent for your company.

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Why you should use our service

Recruit for all roles and skill levels.

decreased by25.0%

Reduce Recruiting Costs

Our AI technology automates recruiting tasks like resume screening and initial candidate outreach, which reduces sourcing and recruiting costs significantly. On average, companies using refer me AI recruiting save at least 25% on their recruiting costs.

decreased by50.0%

Less Recruiting Time

Companies using refer me AI recruiting fill positions faster and reduce their time-to-hire. We handle the sourcing and repetitive tasks, cutting recruiting times by 50% so your recruiters spend more time engaging with top candidates who would be a great fit for your company.

increased by36.0%

Improved Quality of Candidates

It’s easy to miss key candidate highlights when manually going through hundreds of resumes. Refer me AI recruiting identifies all the top candidates that match your role requirements. Companies using our AI for recruiting see a 36% improvement in the quality of their hires.


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