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Over 20 years ago Fusion Academy started as a single, truly unique private school in Solana Beach, CA. In 2009, Fusion Education Group (FEG) helped replicate the school with a Los Angeles campus and has continued to do so across the country. Fusion is a revolutionary place that changes the world for students and their families. We're an accredited private school providing one-to-one education for kids from grades 6-12. But we're so much more than that. We're a community of learning dedicated to creating a supportive environment where every kid can flourish – emotionally, socially, and intellectually. Our teaching approach is unique and effective: one student and one teacher for the whole class period. This lets us present course material in a focused environment, at a pace and in a style that suits each student's individual interests, strengths, and challenges. Our Teaching Philosophy We believe that in order for students to learn they must first feel trust with their teacher. We meet each student where they are and first make sure they are seen, heard, and feel safe. From there we are able to personalize our teaching style for their strengths, passions, and learning style. This one-on-one approach has life-changing results not only for our students but provides a completely unique experience for our teachers. When you step on one of our campuses, you'll immediately feel the Fusion difference. We intentionally hire people who are passionate about education, have fun, enjoy collaborating with their teammates, and want to change the world through education. Just like we want each of our students to feel like they are part of the Fusion family, we want each of our staff members to feel they fit at Fusion. The Fusion family is growing rapidly, and offers considerable opportunity for career advancement.



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