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The NYHTC & HANYC Employee Benefit Funds (the Funds) provides health, pension and other benefits to over 85,000 Union members, dependents and retirees of the New York City hotel industry. These benefits are funded almost entirely by industry employers and are offered nearly free of cost to our members. Members do not make contributions to the benefits provided through the Funds, nor do they face co-pays or deductibles for their health coverage (except for either a $0, $5 to $15 pharmacy co-pay for formulary drugs). Training, scholarships and legal services are also provided, as well as a voluntary 401(k) program which members may contribute to as a supplement to their pension. The Funds owns and operates Health and Dental Centers in Harlem, Midtown, Queens and Brooklyn as well as an Industry Training Center in Queens. Nearly 1,000 doctors, nurses, pharmacists, counselors, clerks and administrative staff are employed or contracted with in-house to provide these services to our members. Members' benefits were established through a collective bargaining contract between the New York Hotel Trades Council (the “Union”) and the Hotel Association of New York City, Inc.



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