How to Write a Professional Bio: Key Elements and Purpose

Professional BioPersonal BrandingFebruary 04, 2023

Get tips and tricks on how to write a professional bio that stands out and attracts potential employers, clients, and collaborators.

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Writing a professional bio is essential in today's job market, especially when it comes to LinkedIn or a job referral. A well-written professional bio can help you stand out and attract potential employers, clients, and collaborators. In this post, we will cover the purpose of a professional bio, the key elements that should be included, and the steps to take when crafting your own.

Purpose of a Professional Bio

It’s best to think of a professional bio as your personal branding statement. This statement is something that you write about you, but not for you. You need to understand your target audience and dig into the weeds of the key points below while writing your bio so you can give a clear picture of what you have to offer.

The purpose of a professional bio is to:

  • Introduce yourself to your target audience and tell them who you are.
  • Highlight your past experiences and accomplishments.
  • Demonstrate your skills, expertise, and potential.
  • Provide insight into your personality and what makes you unique.
  • Showcase your values and what you stand for.

It's important to keep in mind that your professional bio is not just about you, it's for your target audience. Before writing your bio, understand who you are writing it for and what they are looking for. Ask yourself what the purpose of your bio is and what information you want to convey to your audience.

Elements of a Professional Bio

If you don’t have a professional bio, a good practice is to start with “aspiring _” and fill in the blanks with what you’re looking for from the elements below. If you do have experience, translate those bullet points into a one sentence summary of yourself. For example, you might write “I’m a frontend software engineer specializing in advertiser tools in social media companies”

A professional bio should include the following elements:

  • Your name
  • Your occupation and job title
  • Your passions and goals
  • Your skill set and expertise
  • Your education
  • Your work history
  • Your location

When writing your bio, you will also need to decide whether you want to use a first or third-person point of view. The first person is more personal and allows you to connect with your audience directly. The bio written earlier is an example of writing in the first person – "I'm passionate about developing data-dense advertiser tools for social media companies."

The third-person point of view is more formal and is often used in more authoritative situations, such as when applying for a scholarship, grant, or job. Writing in the third person can create distance between you and the reader, emphasizing your expertise. For example, "As a frontend software engineer, [Your Name] specializes in developing data-dense advertiser tools for social media companies."

Steps to Write a Professional Bio

When writing your professional bio, you’ll first want to choose where it will live. Will it be on LinkedIn, a personal website, or somewhere else?

  • Start with your first and last name, for example: [Your Name]
  • Mention any associated name drops, such as past employers or your university, for example: "A graduate of [University Name],"
  • State your current position and what you do, for example: "currently working as a Frontend Software Engineer at [Company Name]."
  • Include at least one professional accomplishment, for example: "with a track record of successfully delivering data-dense advertiser tools for top social media companies."
  • Describe your values and how they inform your career, for example: "driven by a passion for innovation and a commitment to delivering high-quality results."
  • Finally, humanize yourself by briefly talking about who you are outside of the workplace, for example: "When not coding, [Your Name] enjoys kayaking and photography."

Example Professional Bios

"After earning a Master’s Degree in Computer Science from Stanford University, I entered the esports startup world to explore my passion for launching new experiences for gamers and finding product-market fit. In addition to my primary job functions, I was recognized by Forbes 30 under 30 for my commitment to mentoring and uplifting future leaders of the esports industry."

"Alex is an experienced software engineer, entrepreneur, and product thinker. Driven by a commitment to excellence , she takes pride in providing the best user experience as possible. As a frontend software engineer, her goals include creating delightful experiences that are user friendly and accessible. In addition to her primary job functions, Alex has been recognized by Forbes for her extraordinary commitment to mentoring students and first-time founders.""

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