Netflix x Formation: Mentorship Program for Historically Marginalized College Students

Software EngineeringCareer DevelopmentFebruary 21, 2023

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Netflix and Formation Launch Free Technical Skills Program for Underrepresented College Students

Netflix and Formation have teamed up to offer a free program that provides technical training to college seniors from historically underrepresented groups. The program offers one-on-one training and mentorship from experienced tech engineers to help students get ready for engineering roles at Netflix.

If you get accepted, you'll have to go through five stages. First, you send in an application, then you get a custom-tailored training plan to fill any skill gaps. Step three is to get ready for the Netflix New Grad Engineering roles. Next, work with industry recruiters to get your application all spruced up. If you show great technical skills and commitment, you might get an interview for a New Grad Software Engineering job at Netflix in September 2023.

JanuaryJump and two other members have gotten into Netflix's coding bootcamp with the help of, if you're a college senior studying a tech-related subject and come from an underrepresented background, then make sure to check out the Netflix-Formation program. It's a great opportunity to hone your tech skills and get career coaching so you can reach your potential in engineering. Don't miss out on these amazing chances!

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