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ReferralsJanuary 24, 2023

Discover the new logo for and the values it represents.

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What Two Hearts Represent

We are excited to unveil our new logo, which represents the core values of our platform: kindness and opportunity. The logo features two nested hearts, one inside the other, to symbolize the relationship between the referrer and the candidate. The hearts are intertwined to represent how one person can positively impact another's life by anonymously referring them to job opportunities outside of their personal networks.

The outer heart represents the referrer, who takes the time to consider a stranger who might be a good fit for a job. The inner heart represents the candidate, who is given the opportunity to succeed and advance in their career thanks to the referral. Together, the hearts symbolize the act of pulling each other up to succeed.

This new logo is a visual representation of our mission to create a more inclusive and equitable job market where opportunities are based on merit, not just personal connections. It is a reminder that one person can make a big difference in someone else's life and that anonymous referrals are a powerful tool for creating a more fair and just society.

We are proud of this new logo and the values it represents and we hope you will join us in our mission to make the job market a more equitable and inclusive place for all.

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